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Jessica Popham
Training Psychotherapist
Jessica is a Psychotherapy student completing her Master’s degree in Psychotherapy at AUT.

She practices psychodynamic psychotherapy with a relational focus. Jessica centres her clients’ experiences and expertise in their own lives; creating a warm, accepting environment for exploration. She sees therapy as a collaborative process where client and therapist work together to grow a deeper whole-person, emotional and cognitive understanding of clients’ lives, relational patterns and inner world. This in turn can help with self-acceptance, self-worth, growth and healing.

Jessica has a BSc in biomedical science from the University of Auckland and has completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies at AUT. She has prior experience as a phone and online chat counsellor for a children’s mental health organisation, as well as seeing adult clients in prison and community settings.

Growing up in Kenya and moving to Aotearoa New Zealand in her early teens, Jessica enjoys working with and learning from people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. She focuses on creating an accepting, safe space, and is LGBTQIA+ affirming in her practice. She has an interest in working with anxiety, trauma, relational trauma, depression, grief and loss.

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