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Therapeutic Services
Learn about our specialist clinical services
  • We offer therapy (with a psychologist or psychotherapist) supported by a Doctor (MOSS Psychiatry) where needed, free Peer Support Groups, Resilience Programs, Workshops, Education and a free 24/7 0800 ANXIETY Helpline (0800 269 4389).

  • Our Doctor is a mental health GP, not a psychiatrist, and sees ages 17 years +. If someone is wanting a psychiatric assessment or medication monitoring ONLY please contact a service that offer this such as Practice 92. Our doctor appointments support our clients in therapy.

  • Our service doesn't specialise with ADHD and can't offer ADHD assessment or ADHD medication. Practice 92 may be able to help, or search for other providers at Healthpages or Healthpoint.

  • KIDS and YOUTH: Our Child and Adolescents Psychologist can offer telehealth appointments only.

  • Our online (ZOOM) Child Psychologist is able to see children and young people (ages 6 - 30 years) with low risk and has availability on weekdays by appointment.

  • Our adult psychologists may be able to offer therapy for people who are experiencing anxiety and who have low - moderate risk to their safety.

  • Depending on a person's needs and the resources available at Anxiety NZ the wait to see a psychologist may be 1 - 6 weeks. We may not be able to offer an appointment for all people seeking support. 

  • We offer a range of free support including our 24/7 0800 ANXIETY Helpline (0800 269 4389), a free monthly newsletter, and resources on our website and social media channels.

Check out our FAQs about therapy here.

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To enquire about seeing a psychologist, please call 09 846 9776 or email:

To meet our clinical team visit here.

Our DNA policy is intended to help minimise the number of missed appointments. This helps us to make best use of limited clinical resources, and to offer support to other people and families who are waiting for help, alongside shortening waiting lists and helping people to be seen earlier. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancelling or Changing an appointment

We sincerely ask that you give us 48 hours notice or more to cancel or change an appointment. Giving notice under 48 hours may incur a half fee and anything under 24 hours will cost the full appointment fee. We try to avoid this by sending text reminders 7 days before and 2 days before unless you ask us not to text you unless we are asked not to. Please ask us to email you an app confirmation if this is helpful for you too. If you need any more information, please do not hesitate in calling us, we are always happy to help as much as we can.