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Volunteer Workers underpin our ability provide support and resources to the 300,000 contacts we get across all of our services each year. We are hugely thankful for the generosity and goodwill of all volunteers who have supported the day to day running of the organisation. Anxiety NZ has a limited number of placements each year for volunteers to support administration, community education, fundraising or research.  

Tasks vary and include a range of activities that support the smooth operation of a busy mental health organisation. There are places for volunteers in the clinic helping with office and administration tasks, community education including blog and content creation or fundraising. helping with research, admin and grant application preparation. 

Based on the amount of training and support we provide we hope to provide the opportunity to volunteers who are able to commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week for a minimum of 12 months. We do also consider shorter term internship placements such as the AUT Work Integrated Learning Placements (e.g. 150 hours over 10 weeks). Please let us know in the application for what you are looking for.

We hope to provide a valuable experience and a safe and supported place to learn new skills and knowledge while giving back to a community organisation that greatly appreciates the support. To apply, please fill out the volunteer application form and email it to Sarah at

0800 ANXIETY Helpline volunteers

Our free 24/7 0800 ANXIETY Helpline is the frontline of our services, providing a vital point of contact for those experiencing anxiety, and for their family and friends. Our volunteers receive full training but suitable applicants would meet a certain level of mental health study or work experience (e.g. suits university psychology students who are at least in their 2nd year of study or anyone with a Level 4 Mental Health qualification). Volunteers also need to be responsible, reliable, and have excellent people skills as the role involves communicating with highly distressed and at risk individuals. A commitment of at least 1 year of helpline shifts and monthly meeting attendance is required.

Click here to see our 0800 ANXIETY Helpline volunteering opportunities and submit your application.

Specialist, Clinic Admin or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) volunteers

Anxiety NZ is incredibly grateful for the longstanding support of specialist IT volunteers and accounting volunteers, admin support and community education volunteer help.

If you have specific skills or knowledge, experience with fundraising, marketing, community education, projects or business, we warmly welcome you to get in touch.

If you would like to apply for a volunteer or internship position, please email your CV and volunteer application form to 

Please let us know what type of volunteering you are interested in, over what time frame, for how many hours per week, what days of the week suit you (please see our opening hours) and if the volunteering is connected to a University, academic or other purpose. This helps us to match opportunities quicker and easier.  

Please note, that as a charity that works with vulnerable people, and in the health and disability sector volunteer workers and staff will need to: 

  • Fill out a Volunteer application form and provide a CV or bio. 

  • Engage in an interview and supply two referees that Anxiety NZ can contact.

  • Undergo a police check on application and every year while volunteering.

  • All volunteers will also be asked to review and sign a code of conduct agreement, IT use policy, confidentiality agreement etc.

  • Be able to volunteer on a site where a cat lives at the St Lukes Clinic. Clients may also bring a support dog with them or a visiting therapy / assistance dog may be on site on some occasions.