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Mental health support year-round ⭐
Updates / Updates, 22 Nov 22
We supported our community 24/7 non-stop despite all of this year's challenges! With your help, we can keep making a difference in our community in the new year. Help us be there for our community in 2023!
Gratitude for 2022!

We have so much to be grateful for! We had 300,000 connections through all our services and communications channels, our 0800 ANXIETY helpline remained fully operational 24/7, and our clinic worked with very little disruption, despite COVID-19 and other challenges. It takes a really committed and passionate team to support and walk alongside our community during such challenging times.

It also takes a great engaged community and we want to invite you to continue walking together with us in the new year. With your help, we’ll be able to keep providing much needed mental health support, treatment and education to our community in 2023 - poor mental wellbeing affects more than a quarter of our population*, and we know that as we’ve seen a 40% increase in calls to our 0800 ANXIETY helpline since the pandemic started. Your donation will go a long way into supporting children, youth, adults, and whānau across Aotearoa to grow resilience and positive mental wellbeing strategies.

Every dollar counts. Make a difference. Donate today!