Looking for low-cost or fully funded therapy? We offer $75 appointments either in-person at St Lukes, Auckland or online with an intern psychotherapist or counsellor. Low income earners may be fully funded. We have very flexible times from Mon – Sat and including late nights. Tap here for more.

Community Education
Workshops, webinars and a range of services to support community resilience

We offer several community education webinars and workshops to support New Zealanders increase their mental wellbeing and make the journey to wellness. 

Our webinars and workshops can be fully pre-recorded, live and virtual, or in-person, and can be tailored to different industry needs (e.g. construction, hospitality, etc.). Costs start from just $1000+GST dependent on location and length of workshop. We offer 50% discount to non-profit/community groups. 

For more info about Community Education workshops see the below links about our current offerings. Please note that we have limited availability. 

For more information please email comms@anxiety.org.nz with detail about which workshop you are interested in, your event and timing needs. 

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To enquire about seeing a psychologist, please call 09 846 9776 or email: reception@anxiety.org.nz

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