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Self-care, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Youth Talk, Personal Stories
My experience of losing a pet and what helped my recovery
It’s normal to feel intense grief and loss at the passing of a pet. Many young people share a deep bond with animals. Pets can give your life purpose and add structure not to mention they provide us with endless love and joy.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Youth Talk
My experience with bullying
Bullying is still very common but how to deal with it and what to do if you or someone else is being bullied?
For Myself, Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support
My relationship with food and my body
Jameel shares his journey to build a better relationship with food and his body + useful info and resources to support you on your journey.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself, For Health Professionals, For Family / Whānau, Kids, Youth Talk, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers
Name it to tame it
Find out how naming our feelings can reduce the intensity of the emotions and help us feel less overwhelmed.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Self-care, For Myself
Online therapy in Aotearoa
Online therapy is convenient, accessible and effective. It is also cost-effective and easy to fit into busy lifestyles.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, Self-care, Youth Talk
Optimism - a powerful tool to manage anxiety
Optimism is not simply about looking at things in a positive light and requires practice but can improve our outlook on life and wellbeing.