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Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself
8 Tips that help you on your self-care journey
Self-care is an act of taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Research shows that acts of self-care can improve your health, lead to better productivity, and help prevent burnout.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Self-care, Youth Talk, For Myself
A trip down memory lane – the power of nostalgia
Actively reminiscing on happy moments or joining in activities that are tied to positive memories can be emotionally soothing.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support
Adult attachment styles
An attachment style is the regular manifestation of particular traits in relationships. Here we look at insecure attachment styles.
Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support
Anxiety and panic attacks: how to be a supportive friend and whānau
Friends and family/whānau support can make a real difference for someone dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Here is how to help them.
For Family / Whānau, Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself
Attachment and healthy relationships
What is secure attachment and why it has such a great impact in building healthy relationships.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself, Self-care
Autism and anxiety
Learn about the relationship between autism and anxiety and how we can better support the autistic community.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, For Myself
Barefoot grounding for managing my social anxiety
Elle's social anxiety ramped up after being in lockdown, then she discovered the power of Earthing as an anxiety-management tactic.
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Support, Crisis, For Myself, For Family / Whānau, Youth Talk, Parents and Caregivers, Kids, Video
Box breathing to reduce anxiety
A helpful guide to WHY and HOW to use Box Breathing to relax.
Mindfulness, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Youth Talk, Self-care, Personal Stories
Building resilience during lockdown
Lockdown can be challenging, but it's also an opportunity to put things in perspective and build resilience.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, Self-care, Personal Stories, Youth Talk
Clearing the space and the mind
Being organised has advantages: make space for your mind to think, enhance productivity and energise yourself.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Support
Coping with anxiety during disasters and emergencies
It is normal to experience anxiety during unpredictable situations, like natural disasters. Learn coping strategies to deal with it.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Wellbeing
Coping with the winter blues
How to cope with the winter blues and look after your mental and physical wellbeing during the colder months.
Kids, For Family / Whānau, Wellbeing
COVID-19 and caregivers: how to support children through vaccine anxiety
Tips and resources to help your child through vaccine anxiety
For Myself, Support, Mental Health
COVID-19 vaccine anxiety: info and coping mechanisms
As we approach a new transition period in our fight against COVID-19, new concerns are naturally arising. Many are reporting vaccine-related anxiety. This is understandable – uncertainty is a common trigger for anxiety
Mental Health, Personal Stories, Wellbeing, Youth Talk
Cyberbullying: Playing safe online
An outline of cyberbullying and some strategies to help deal with it.
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself
Dyslexia and university
Outline of having dyslexia, studying at university, and how dyslexics can still thrive with the right support.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Mindfulness
Eco-anxiety – how to cope with it
We've compiled a few tips and techniques to help you coping with eco-anxiety, the increasing anxiety in the face of ecological crisis.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, For Myself
Fight-flight-freeze: The body's natural response to stress
The fight-flight-freeze response - Learn about your body's natural response to stress and when to look for help.
Youth Talk, Workplace Wellbeing, Personal Stories, Mental Health, Self-care
Finding Your Passion and Skills
An outline of ways to find passions in life
Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself, For Family / Whānau, Youth Talk, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers, Video
Forest Walk - Brief Guided Visualisation
Imagining being in a calming place (especially in nature) can help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety.
Mental Health, Support, For Myself, For Family / Whānau
Free Crisis & Distress Numbers and Resources
Important numbers and resources to find advice and support at a time of crisis or distress
Youth Talk, Personal Stories, Mental Health, Wellbeing
Friendships and the importance of maintaining them
Friends certainly make life more fun and better in many aspects. But good friendships can also improve our physical and mental wellbeing.
Self-care, Youth Talk
Getting out of a rut
Stuck on a rut, not feeling very challenged or motivated? You are not alone. Our writer shares how she got moving.
Mindfulness, Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself
Gratitude benefits to mind and body
There are many physical and psychological benefits to practicing gratitude. Read on to learn more about this powerful practice.
Wellbeing, Youth Talk, Mental Health, Self-care
Harmonising music and mental health
Music isn't just fun or relaxing; it also benefits our overall mental health. Elle writes about how music supports her mental wellbeing.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Personal Stories, Youth Talk
Home sickness and new chapters
A big step in adulthood is moving away from home and this can be very exciting but also very challenging. How can we make this easier?
Youth Talk, For Myself, Self-care, Wellbeing
How and why to keep a balanced diet on a student budget
Outline of strategies to keep a balanced diet on a budget
Mental Health, Youth Talk, For Myself, Article
How are your mates doing?
Movember has become an annual tradition, around the world, for people showing their support for all forms of men’s health.
Mental Health, Self-care, For Myself, Wellbeing, Support, Youth Talk
How becoming a pet-owner improved my mental health
Having a pet is a great source of joy and it can also do wonders to our mental health.
Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Youth Talk, Personal Stories
How to flourish under the pressures of social media
How to enjoy social media in a healthy way without putting your mental health and wellbeing at risk.
Mindfulness, Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing
How to reduce your holiday stress
A few ideas to make the holiday season less stressful and more jolly
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, For Myself
I’m going with my gut: the vagus nerve and our mind-body connection
An exploration of how our gut and mind interact, and how our bodies impacts the way we feel.
For Myself, Mental Health, Wellbeing
Improving sleep
Good sleep can greatly improve your quality of life, promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Check out some strategies to sleep better.
Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Youth Talk
Journaling's Power
Journaling can be a powerful tool for self-care and mental health support. Baylee shares the positive impact it has had in her life.
Mental Health, Personal Stories, Video
Living with Anxiety - Peter's story
What's it like to live with anxiety? Peter shares his journey
Personal Stories, Youth Talk, Self-care, Wellbeing, Mental Health
Living with others: the joys and challenges of flatting
Living with others who vary in lifestyle, personality, and living habits is easier said than done, but is also a valuable skill.
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself
Looking after our mates
Supporting boys and men in looking after their mental health and wellbeing.
Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself
Mental wellbeing and nutrition
Keeping a healthy diet is not only good for the body but it can also benefit our mental wellbeing.
Mindfulness, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Youth Talk
Mindfulness to get through tough moments
Read about how Jess found her way into mindfulness and how this can contribute to enhance our wellbeing.
Self-care, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Youth Talk, Personal Stories
My experience of losing a pet and what helped my recovery
It’s normal to feel intense grief and loss at the passing of a pet. Many young people share a deep bond with animals. Pets can give your life purpose and add structure not to mention they provide us with endless love and joy.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Youth Talk
My experience with bullying
Bullying is still very common but how to deal with it and what to do if you or someone else is being bullied?
For Myself, Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support
My relationship with food and my body
Jameel shares his journey to build a better relationship with food and his body + useful info and resources to support you on your journey.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself, For Health Professionals, For Family / Whānau, Kids, Youth Talk, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers
Name it to tame it
Find out how naming our feelings can reduce the intensity of the emotions and help us feel less overwhelmed.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Self-care, For Myself
Online therapy in Aotearoa
Online therapy is convenient, accessible and effective. It is also cost-effective and easy to fit into busy lifestyles.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, Self-care, Youth Talk
Optimism - a powerful tool to manage anxiety
Optimism is not simply about looking at things in a positive light and requires practice but can improve our outlook on life and wellbeing.
Youth Talk, Support, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Personal Stories
Overcoming Agoraphobia
Practical strategies to manage agoraphobia and tips to support someone living with it.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Personal Stories
Overcoming the fear of public speaking
Techniques to help with the fear of public speaking
Mental Health, Wellbeing
Pets and Mental Health
Many pet owners are familiar with the joy owning an animal can bring. What’s less well known are the health benefits having a pet provides.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Youth Talk, For Myself
Practical strategies to cope with anxiety at university
Attending university can seem daunting, but initial anxiety can be reduced by establishing routines and comfortable boundaries.
Mental Health, For Myself, Wellbeing
Reconnecting with myself
The importance of finding time to connect with oneself and focus on our inner world.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Kids, Youth Talk, Parents and Caregivers
Resources for parents and caregivers
Helpful resources for caregivers of children and young people.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Crisis, For Family / Whānau
Resources for whānau
Families play an important role in the recovery journey of people experiencing mental illness.
Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Youth Talk
Running for my mental health
Jameel talks about how running has helped him build mental fortitude, feel accomplished and other ways it has improved his mental health.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, Youth Talk, Self-care, Support, For Myself
Self-Compassion in the New Year
Positive self-talk: When a friend makes a mistake, we give them an uplifting response. Why not extend the same courtesy to ourselves?
Self-care, Wellbeing, Mental Health, For Myself
Sleep during stressful and uncertain times
COVID-19 and isolation have brought people's stress and anxiety levels up, which is impacting on their sleep. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon and how to improve your sleep.
Wellbeing, Support, Mental Health, Kids, Youth Talk, Teachers, PDF
Supporting anxious children in the classroom
Acknowledging anxiety and supporting kids to find healthy ways to cope helps build resilience
Parents and Caregivers, For Family / Whānau, Kids, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Mindfulness
Supporting anxious kids: Advice for parents and caregivers
Anxiety is normal and all children and youth experience it. Here are some tips to help caregivers support their children through anxiety.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Family / Whānau, Parents and Caregivers
Supporting Parents, Healthy Children
Talking with your children about your mental health or addiction issues can help them make sense of changes they see in the family and whānau.
Self-care, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Support
Supporting someone with Alzheimer’s
Support, self-care and tips for carers of people living with Alzheimer’s.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, Support, For Family / Whānau, For Workplaces, For Myself
Supporting women to thrive
We celebrate the diversity, courage, intelligence, and life of all wāhine and share strategies to support women’s health and flourishment.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing
Taking a break from technology
Spending too much time online can have a negative impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Check out Jess' journey to find balance.
Mental Health, Support, For Myself
Talking to your GP about Mental Health
Talking to your GP is a great starting point for your mental health journey. Here is a quick guide on what to expect and how they can help.
For Family / Whānau, Youth Talk, Mental Health, Wellbeing
The benefits and challenges of boundaries during the holidays
Setting boundaries is an important part of establishing our identity but it can be hard to keep them around family.
Youth Talk, Workplace Wellbeing, Self-care
The benefits and challenges of doing an internship
Why do an internship, tips to land a nice opportunity and a few things to be careful about when choosing where to send your CV to.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself, For Workplaces, For Health Professionals, Kids, Youth Talk, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers, For Family / Whānau
The courage to face our fears
Check out five steps to build courage to face your fears and deal with your own unique set of challenges.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Self-care
The final stage of the studying year
Jess finds out the benefits of routine and what creates a good environment for focusing on her studies.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Self-care, Mindfulness, Youth Talk, For Myself
The link between mental and physical health
A healthy body is key to our mental wellbeing. Here Jess shares why and what she’s been doing to get her body moving and find her balance.
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, For Myself
The mental health benefits of taking a break
Working nonstop can lead to mental and physical fatigue, and contribute to burnout. Here are a few tips to help you pause during the day.
Wellbeing, Mental Health, Workplace Wellbeing
The mental health benefits of volunteering
Volunteering is a known way to meaningfully contribute to your community but it can also have a positive impact on your mental health.
Self-care, Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself, Youth Talk
The prospects of a New Year
Accomplishing our new year's resolutions can be tricky. Jess shares what helps her achieving her goals.
Self-care, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Support, For Myself
The stages of grief
Understanding the five stages of grief may be useful when navigating your journey and to identify what you may be feeling.
Mental Health, Personal Stories, Video
Tiffany's experience with anxiety
Anxiety Helpline Volunteer Shares her Experience with Anxiety
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing
Tips to cope with COVID and anxiety
COVID-19 outbreaks may make us feel anxious as we assess how our own or others social, emotional or physical safety will be affected. Anxiety NZ can offer some advice to help getting through this uncertain time.
Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Support, Mindfulness, For Myself
Too anxious to drive
Learn strategies to manage driving anxiety. When we feel overwhelmed by anxiety over a task, focusing on small achievements can help.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Self-care, For Myself
Understanding fear, anxiety, and stress
Understanding the difference between fear, anxiety, and stress can help you determine how to address them and look after your wellbeing.
Mental Health, Support, For Myself, Youth Talk, Parents and Caregivers
Understanding OCD and being a better support person
Learning about a friend's experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and how to be more supportive.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Self-care, Support
What has made my lockdown easier
Our youth writer shares how she found ways to cope with isolation, look after her wellbeing and even enjoy some aspects of lockdown.
Mental Health, Wellbeing
What is eco-anxiety?
Eco-anxiety has come to refer to any form of anxiety related to the ecological crisis such as climate change. Feeling anxious or worried about it is a normal and rational response.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, For Myself, Self-care
What is stress and how to manage it
Everybody feels stressed at times, but too much of it can harm our physical and mental health. Here are a few ideas to cope better with it.
Mental Health, Support, Parents and Caregivers
World Bipolar Day: Increasing Awareness of Mate Rangirua
What's bipolar disorder and how to raise awareness about this condition on World Bipolar Day.
Youth Talk, Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, For Family / Whānau, Kids
Youth and mental wellbeing: Be active, me kori tonu
Exercise can do wonders to kids and adults’ physical and mental health. Check out some tips for keeping kids active during COVID times.