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Mental Health, Self-care, Wellbeing, Support, Crisis, For Myself, For Family / Whānau, Youth, Parents and Caregivers, Kids, Video
Box breathing to reduce anxiety
A helpful guide to WHY and HOW to use Box Breathing to relax.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself, For Family / Whānau, Youth, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers, Video
Forest Walk - Brief Guided Visualisation
Imagining being in a calming place (especially in nature) can help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety.
Mental Health, Support, For Myself, For Family / Whānau
Free Crisis & Distress Numbers and Resources
Important numbers and resources to find advice and support at a time of crisis or distress
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Myself, For Health Professionals, For Family / Whānau, Kids, Youth, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers
Name it to tame it
Find out how naming our feelings can reduce the intensity of the emotions and help us feel less overwhelmed.
Mental Health, For Myself, Wellbeing
Reconnecting with myself
The importance of finding time to connect with oneself and focus on our inner world.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Kids, Youth, Parents and Caregivers
Resources for parents and caregivers
Helpful resources for caregivers of children and young people.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, Crisis, For Family / Whānau
Resources for whānau
Families play an important role in the recovery journey of people experiencing mental illness.
Wellbeing, Support, Mental Health, Kids, Youth, Teachers, PDF
Supporting anxious children in the classroom
Acknowledging anxiety and supporting kids to find healthy ways to cope helps build resilience
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support, For Family / Whānau, Parents and Caregivers
Supporting Parents, Healthy Children
Talking with your children about your mental health or addiction issues can help them make sense of changes they see in the family and whānau.
Mental Health, Wellbeing, For Myself, For Workplaces, For Health Professionals, Kids, Youth, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers, For Family / Whānau
The courage to face our fears
Check out five steps to build courage to face your fears and deal with your own unique set of challenges.